What To Know Before You Consign



  • PLEASE NOTE * Year round clothing is subject to a 2 to 3 month delay due to the amount of consignment we have received. Thank you in advance for your patience!


  • Kidz Closet of Vero Beach will accept only items in good condition. Clothing items should be free of tears, stains, and piling. Items must be laundered, smoke-free, neatly folded, and in sets when necessary. We reserve the right to not consign an item.


  • Items such as strollers, toys, and bedding must be clean, undamaged with all pieces and working batteries included. We reserve the right to not consign an item.


  • All items including cribs, toddler beds, etc. are to be assembled and in good condition. Car seats are to have all straps and not be expired. Infant car seats are to have their bases included. We reserve the right to not consign an item.


  • Items will be discounted after for a full 90 days on the sales floor to 50% off the original price.


  • Consignee will be paid 40% of the final selling price if a check is requested.


  • Consignee will be paid 50% of final selling price if store credit is requested. If a check is requested on a store credit account it will be paid out at 40% of selling price not 50%.


  • Items that have not sold in their sale period will be pulled and donated to Kidz Closet Charities.


  • Kidz Closet does not call consignors with regards to checks issued, items sold, and/or items donated to Kidz Closet Charities. Consignors are welcome to call the store during business hours for account inquiries.


  • Kidz Closet of Vero Beach will take in fall and winter items from Sept. 1st until Feb. 1st. All other items will be taken on a year round basis.


  • Payment to consignees will be made available once a month approximately on the 15th. If amount is under $10.00, amount will be carried to the next month. Upon request, the forward balance will be transferred to a store credit (this will not change how future payments are to be received).


  • Kidz Closet agrees to display belongings to consignees, we are not liable for damage resulting from customers, fire, theft, water, or any other act of God/nature.

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